Worship Leading Class

Welcome to our worship leading mentor program!

We will be guiding you through a fun process that will give you the experience and skills you need to lead worship. This class can be taken by an individual or a group.

The process includes four stages:

Stage 1

We will lead and you will watch. At this time you will be working on the skills necessary to lead worship.

Stage 2

We will lead and you will help by playing along/singing along with us in the band.

Stage 3

You will lead and we will help by playing along with you and backing you up.

Stage 4

You will lead and we will watch. At this stage you will receive feedback and some coaching to continue improving.

Through all the stages you will be working on reading charts; playing your instrument and or singing more proficiently; pursuing a deeper relationship with God; learning the deeper meaning and scripture relating to the songs; and ways to communicate those deeper meanings with worshipers while leading; the various ways you can verbally lead in-between songs and during songs; smooth transitions between songs; and worship planning-how to work with your pastor and team to choose songs for a service.

Schedule and fees

The tuition is $25 for a 45 minute lesson.  If there are 4 or more who would like to learn together, the tuition will be $10/person per group lesson.   Call to work out a time:  541-605-0425

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We are offering need based scholarships for this program. Contact us at mark@emersonmusicarts.com.