We believe that music enrichment is vital to children’s education.  By offering these programs to the community, it is possible to widely affect the overall learning capabilities of young children, bring joy and appreciation of music into their lives and thereby make an investment on a future, thriving community of the arts.  As children grow with these programs, the foundation is laid for them to be both promoters and providers of the arts in our community.  Emerson Music Arts offers a full range of musical services. From private lessons and music classes to live entertainment, master classes and studio production. Mark Emerson and Lea Emerson are the founders of EMA. Click here for more information on Mark or Lea.


The learning experience at Emerson Music Arts:

 At EMA, it all starts with babies who get to experience music and movement through songs and games with mom and dad.  These activities are fun, promote bonding and they help babies begin to make important pathways in the mind.  In the toddler, pre-k and K classes, children absorb through active experience by keeping a steady beat, coordinating large motor movement with sound, and they begin to make connections between the voice, ear and mind.  This group class approach instills a strong natural sense and foundation of rhythm and melody.  Since these foundations are already in place when students begin private lessons, students are able to learn an instrument more quickly and easily.  As the students grow, their natural abilities and passions begin to emerge. This is when the private lessons will begin to focus on a specific style or combination of styles as seen on the branches of the tree.  In this way, learning is a whole approach that is aimed at giving students everything they need to discover their unique gifts and reach their full potential as musicians.