Worship Camp 7/14-18

The worship camp is an opportunity for students in the community to:

1. Play in a worship band of their peers.

2. Improve their musical skills.

3. Develop a deeper relationship with God.

4. Lead a night of worship.  

They’ll learn six of today’s contemporary worship songs and the scripture/message behind those songs.  Using the book “Worship on Earth as it is in Heaven,” by Rory Noland, sudents will seek a deeper relationship with God as a group and be encouraged to develop a healthy rhythm in their individual walk as well. Christian (all denominations) M-F 1-5pm

All instruments, sound engineering and media arts students are welcome!

Ages 7th grade – High School

Tuition – $70 ($50 for sibling)

Location: Worship Service 7/18 7pm at the K House. Camp location 902 4th Street, La Grande (Zion Lutheran Church)






Students learn songs through chart reading and listening to the Youtube version we will be playing.  They will learn important rehearsal techniques for both their private practice and for group practice.




Students will be split into smaller groups for more individual help.  Groups would be vocalists – proper warm-ups, part singing and working with a microphone; guitars – chord positions and appropriate rhythms for specific songs; drums – keeping great time, appropriate fills and dynamics; keys – chord voicings, things you would play for pads, how to appropriately play sparse.  Everyone will be encouraged to listen to the whole band along with themselves.


Book Study:

Worship on Earth as it is in Heaven:

Exploring Worship as a Spiritual Discipline

Written for the average churchgoer as well as worship ministry participant, Worship on Earth as it is in Heaven offers practical guidelines on how to practice worship as a spiritual discipline. The first half of the book details how to grow as a private worshiper while the second half explores how to grow as a corporate worshiper, offering practical ideas you can take with you to church next Sunday.

This book addresses the most important thing to develop as a worship leader; a deep, personal relationship with God and a passionate life of worship that breaks into our whole way of life.  The book offers many concrete ways to develop our relationship with God and creative ways that we can worship Him in our daily lives.  The book is designed for group study with discussion questions at the end of each chapter.  Rory Noland is the director of Heart of the Artist Ministries, an organization dedicated to serving artists in the church.  He leads retreats for artists, speaks at workshops and conferences, mentors worship leaders, and consults with churches in the area of worship and the arts.



View a short video of Rory discussing “Worship on Earth as it is in Heaven.”



Student Led Worship Service:









The students will lead family and friends in an evening of worship on Friday evening at 7pm.  This is a worship service run completely by the students.  Throughout the week, students will prepare to lead through songs, prayer and visuals that glorify God.  Each student will have an opportunity to put all they have learned into practice.