Online Theory Games

Note Trainer, Note Location, Key Signatures, Metronome, Music Dictionary and more!

Note Trainer  (Tenuto)     This game works on naming notes on the staff.  You may go into the settings and pick treble clef, bass clef or both and set the note range you wish to work on.

Mighty Music Man   This quiz will work on key names – you must know your sharp and flat names to play this one!

Key Quiz  Another key name game

Keyboard Trainer  On this key name game you can turn the black keys off or on!

60 Second Club   See how many notes you can name in 60 seconds – join the club!

Snowflake notes     Here is a fun game to work on treble clef during the holiday season.

Interval Sled     This game makes recognizing your intervals fun.

Meteor Match   For beginners – earn points by recognizing quarter and half notes!

Musical Darts    Also for beginners – earn points on a dart board by recognizing musical symbols.

Ties and Slurs Quiz     Do you know a tie from a slur?  Find out!

Online Flash Card Games  Note Naming Games using online Flashcards

Music Links:

  • Classics for kids : An interactive website designed for kids – sponsored by WGUC – 90.9 Cincinnati Public Radio.
  • Dennis Alexander : A favorite composer among my students. Click on “compositions” on the left side of the page and you can select a song and hear Mr. Alexander playing it!
  • Emerson Piano Studio YouTube Channel : This is the YouTube channel that Lea has set up for her students and parents. There are several videos to view in the playlists. Don’t forget to check out the Emerson Piano Studio favorites!! Check back often, as Lea will always be updating the YouTube channel.
  • Free Composer Coloring Pages : offers a collection of free printable coloring pages and worksheets to make learning about our great composers a fun and engaging activity.
  • Free Metronome : This one is a free metronome that will work on your computer.
  • Free Music Theory Worksheets : offers a collection music theory worksheets that are jam-packed with fun, while providing sound educational strategies for music students to learn and drill their skills.
  • How to Help Your Child Succeed at Piano : A good article about how parents should pick and interview a teacher. It also talks about how to set expectations with your child in order to be positive and successful with piano lessons.
  • Online Metronome : I encourage all students to use a metronome to learn to play in a steady fashion. When one isn’t available, this is the next best thing.
  • Piano Page : This page contains lots of technical and service information for pianos.
  • Piano Workshop : This website will tell you anything you want to know about how a piano works, how much does it weigh, and much more.
  • The Well Balanced Pianist : This website demonstrates through photos the importance of sitting properly at the piano. Check it out!