Here’s what they’re saying about Lea…

“Lea Emerson has taught two of my children piano lessons for the past 7 years or so. My son began with her when he was 12 and continued through age 16. My daughter began lessons with Lea at age 7 and continued through age 12 when Lea and her family re-located. Lea was a great teacher for both of my children, who came to her from different piano backgrounds. My son had already been playing for 6 years when he joined Lea’s studio. One thing that he especially appreciated was Lea introducing him to jazz music and improvisational playing. In fact, that is a skill that he continues to use – playing in a small band. My daughter began music lessons with Lea also after a year or two of previous piano lessons. She has come so far under Lea’s tutelage. She is also now able to play improvisationally. The part of Lea’s teaching that we have most appreciated with our daughter is the consistency with which she now practices. Lea set a high, yet attainable schedule and expectations for practicing that our daughter really responded to. She now sits down to practice without fighting about it and it shows in her playing. We were very pleased with the quality of instruction that Lea gave to our children over the years that they studies with her. They have both been successful in completing a year of the State of California Certificate of Merit for piano in each year they have studied with her. The Certificate of Merit requires advancing knowledge of theory and increasingly difficult memorized playing pieces each year. She is great at encouraging the children to work to their best potential and at keeping them on track for the requirements for the Certificate of Merit. We highly recommend Lea as a piano teacher – for new to piano students and also for students who have been playing for any number of years.”

-Kathi Niebergall
Redondo Beach, CA


“Lea Emerson really strengthened my knowledge of the keyboard and truly showed me what it means to be a great piano player. She was always there when I needed help on a song and really was a role model throughout my study with her. She is such a wonderful pianist, but was able to humble herself and answer any tiny questions I had about theory or the notes. I really grew as a pianist while studying in her studio and I will forever be grateful for her hard work and the patience she had while  teaching me piano.

Lea Emerson is a wonderful worship leader who truly worships God through everything she does. It was so nice to work with such a talented musician, but to also know that she had an awesome and servant-like heart for God. I started working with her in sixth grade on the youth music team and because of her leading and discipling, I am now leading worship for the contemporary services at my church, only being a senior in high school. She not only is a great musician, but sings her songs for the Lord everywhere she goes.”

-Danielle Heath
Torrance, CA


“Mrs. Emerson and her Music Studio has been an important part of my kid’s development for the last seven years and we were so sad to have had her move out of our area. Mrs. Emerson has been a strict yet fun and inspirational instructor to my young kids. They often were eager to learn piano pieces and practice without prompting not only because it was fun, but also to please Mrs. Emerson as her kind spirit encouraged them to do so. She made sure they learned the basics and built on their strengths. The recitals were so much fun to attend and it was always interesting to see the vast talent she shaped from so many different personalities of children. She obviously pushed each child to play to the best of their ability and nurtured their growth. In addition, we have seen Mrs. Emerson perform on several different stages and my kids have had the desire to emulate her love and talent for music. She will always hold a special spot in each of our hearts and I am thankful to her for teaching the Art of Piano to my children for so many years.”

-Peggy Shaw
Torrance, CA


“Mark and Lea are incredible teachers of not only music theory and technique, but performance as well. They posses the perfect combination of patience and persistence in their teaching and have always been a positive, supporting musical family for me. When you work with Mark and Lea, you truly become a member of their musical family and they treat you as such. Its always been such a blessing to have them in my life and I will never forget the lessons I have learned from them over the years.”

-Russell Paulson (USC student)
Los Angeles, CA