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Piano Lessons – Drum Lessons – Percussion Lessons – Songwriting – Recording – Beginning Guitar Lessons.  From beginning to advanced, with all styles offered; students will be guided toward a goal of reaching a professional level.

Playing a Musical Instrument Improves Academics:

It is logical to question the source of improved academic performance in music students.  Several researchers have sought to demonstrate the impact of music education on brain development.  A report published by Dr. Frances Rauscher and Dr. Gordon Shaw in Neurological Research in 1997 demonstrated that piano instruction improved abstract reasoning skills and special-temporal ability in young children.  The Rauscher/Shaw report suggests that the study of piano actually impacts brain function and translates not only to academics but all skills that involve higher level thinking.  Unlike the study of math, which is usually associated with the left brain, or reading, which is usually associated with the right brain, exposure to music improves whole brain function.  A 1993 study titled “Music and the Mind” illustrated that both right and left brain functions are activated when learning to play music.  This is perhaps because while studying music, students are engaged in both the translation of musical  notes(abstract reasoning), as well as the execution of playing an instrument (special-temporal ability).

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