Fiddle Tunes Mini Camp 2020

Pre K – 6th Grade
Tuition: $60.00
Date: July 6th – 10th, 9am-Noon
Location: Wallowa School

Children love summer camp, especially music camp where they can express themselves through singing, dance & movement, and playing instruments in a game-like atmosphere. Students will be introduced to repertoire that will reinforce the 5 elements of music: melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, and form. The older students will also be introduced to reading notes and rhythms. Students will also build an instrument and learn to play it. All materials and the mid-morning snack are provided. Camp Director, Mark Emerson, has an extensive musical and pedagogical background with kid’s music classes and music camps.  We are excited to be the ‘camp within a camp’ at the Wallowa Fiddle Tunes Camp for 2020!


Build Instruments:  

Students will exercise their creative muscles to build an instrument!  The majority of materials used are natural and emulate the cultural tradition of building and use of the instrument.  This is a wonderful way for students to use their hands and experience the delight of playing an instrument they created!

Bucket Drumming:

At this mini-camp we get to play drums together outside under the open sky, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Wallowa.  Students have a blast playing different styles including latin, pop and classic rock.

Treasure Hunts & Games:

There will be hidden treasure with clues buried/hidden throughout the campus.  The students are so excited to find a prize for everyone inside the treasure chest!  The Dragon & The Castle, kick-ball as well as Hide & Seek are some of the popular games the students will play.

Dance & Movement:

Students love the dances and games led by Dance Master Larry B. Smith!  Larry brings a wide breadth of experience and rich tradition, handing down and providing students an authentic experience of folk dances and games.

Final Concert:

The students will get to perform all they have learned in a final concert the last day of camp.  It is a chance for them to show and perform the instrument they built; and perform songs they have prepared on the percussion and Orff instruments.