Video Gallery

See the music classes in action!

Circle Dance

This circle dance reinforces a simple AB form and encourages students to sing to high F above middle C using a vocal glissando technique. They also use body percussion to accent special words in the B section


A Little Orchestra

This is an example of how the children can create a little orchestra with singing, tambourines, wood sounds and the Orff barred instruments. The children enjoy exploring with the different timbres on the ‘B’ and ‘C’ sections of our concert opener and playing on the special word ‘Tideo’. This also shows how young students can learn about eighth notes through the hands-on experience of playing them on the word “Tideo”. This creates a strong foundation for reading rhythms.


Playing Instruments

The children learn about different kinds of sounds (timbre). In this song they are playing percussion instruments to learn the difference between wood sounds and metal sounds.



Keeping a Steady Beat

Each music class includes many opportunities to keep a steady beat. This is easy and fun to learn in a group setting. Children can participate and naturally be guided by hearing and seeing what the whole group is doing.



Scarf Game

This scarf song helps the children to learn about phrases through the expression of copying the leader. During a normal class experience the children take turns being the leader.




This song about animals that hatch from eggs allows the children to be challenged to match pitch and participate in solo singing.


Teacher Workshop I

In this fun game, each sound represents a different action. Teachers learn to incorporate the use of action sounds to teach about listening and identifying instruments through the unique sound they make (timbre).



Teacher Workshop II

Teachers learn to make a little orchestra through creating parts for several instruments in a song.